Am I the King without a crown

Cause it’s the time to fight and not the time to fall, you will soon ignite, no running anymore



do you ever hear a line in a song and it’s just so painfully clever you just sit there in shock for the remainder of the song




a guy walked into the board room and said

"hi sweetheart if you could fix me up a coffee real quick im meeting with the regional reports manager in like five minutes, thanks darling"

and i just stared at him and coldly said

"i am the regional reports manager"

we are now twenty minutes into this board meeting and i dont think i’ve ever seen a man look so embarrassed and afraid in my whole life



Rose said, her tone clipped, but then she looked over at the Doctor in blue. “I mean— I care. Of course I care. I just mean it doesn’t change anything. My one life, day to day, and all that? It’s going to be here. On the TARDIS. As long as you let me stay, this is where I’ll be. And it’s not just because I told you once I’d never leave you - which applies to both of you, so we’re clear. It’s because that’s what Iwant my life to be. I’ve been to enough worlds, seen enough, to know…” She nodded, reassuring herself that this was still right. “I want my life to be here, with you both.”

Favourite Fanfictions in a Gifset:  1/?

    Before it Breaks  - Chapter 8 

    By the talented resile

Rose Tyler Appreciation Week: Day 3
- Favorite relationship(s)

Rose and the Doctor





reign meme: three characters [3/3]

↳ francis valois

Seeing Red


Summary:  Katniss never understood the phrase “seeing red” until she saw Peeta with his arms around another woman in the bakery.  

Pre-Epilogue - Mockingjay.

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People are looking to you, Katniss. You’ve given them an opportunity. They just have to be brave enough to take it.

get to know me meme: 1/5 favorite movies - catching fire(2014)
“At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead.The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.” 


dropping out of school to become part of a chicken nugget cult


is katniss gonna be in the movie


I love the way she pulls him in to kiss her.

» Saying Sorry (A post-finale fic)


Frary Oneshot: Francis overhears a conversation between Mary and Charles that makes him realize the affects his relationship with Lola has had on both of them. He plans a special evening to apologize to Mary and shares some advice with Charles.


Until the Day I Die 

He was engulfed in a thick fog, his limbs felt like slabs of stone dragging him down away from the fading light. He knew that beyond that fog lay pain, unending pain- his head would fill with deafening pounding and his body would burn up as if he were in the very depths of hell itself. But even worse than the pain was being powerless; his body betraying him- no longer even able sit up of his own accord let alone rule his nation. Yet Francis still desperately struggled to somehow, someway break though the haze because he knew that Mary was on the other side, never leaving his side. He needed to see her, to one last time tell his wife that he loved her, to make sure she would be all right. Every fiber of his being strained- the pull of the end being defeated even if temporarily by the pull Mary had over him. 

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